Is Sus Among Us real or a meme

Is Sus Among Us real or a meme? Everything you need to know

There’s no doubt that Among Us is a hugely popular game at the moment, but what about Sus? Is Sus Among Us real or a meme?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the evidence for and against his existence and try to come to a conclusion. Stay tuned!

Little about Among Us:

Among Us is a multiplayer online game in which players take on the role of crewmates aboard a spaceship. The objective of the game is to complete tasks assigned by the ship’s computer while avoiding detection by the impostors among the player roster.

The impostors’ job is to subtly sabotaging the ship and murdering the crewmates without being caught. If they’re successful, they can win the game outright. Crewmates can win by completing all their tasks or identifying and expelling all of the impostors.

Among Us has been popular since its release in 2018, due in part to its relatively simple mechanics and accessibility. It’s easy to learn but difficult to master, making it perfect for both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Sus is an alleged impostor in the game Among Us. He was first mentioned in a now-deleted Reddit post from September 2020. The post claimed that Sus was an “extremely skilled” impostor who had never been caught. Since then, Sus has become something of a legend among the Among Us community.

There is no concrete evidence that Sus actually exists, and it’s possible that he’s just a myth or urban legend. However, there are some players who believe that Sus is real and that he’s out there somewhere, waiting to sabotage their next game.

Who is Sususs Amongus?

Among-us was an emperor or ruler of Western Rome. According to Wikipedia, he was born in 371 AD and died on May 15th 392 AD in Vienne, France. He was overthrown by Theodoric Strabo, a general of the Eastern Roman army.

The name Sus comes from the Latin word for pig. This is likely a reference to the fact that impostors in Among Us are often compared to pigs due to their devious nature.

Is Sus Among Us real or just a meme?

The Sus meme originates from the 2020 game Among Us. In the game, players are assigned to one of two teams crewmates or impostors. The goal of the game is for the crewmates to complete all of their tasks before the impostors can kill them all.

However, Sus is not an actual in-game character; rather, it is a nickname given to players who seem suspicious or untrustworthy.

There is no right or wrong answer to whether Sus is real or just a meme. Some people believe that Sus is a real indicator of someone being an impostor, while others believe that it is simply a joking way to call out another player. Ultimately, it depends on how you and your friends choose to play the game.

Why did the meme spread so quickly?

When the Sususs among Us meme first surfaced on the internet, it quickly went viral. No one could explain why the meme was so popular, but everyone loved it. The simple image of aSusus character made people laugh, and it wasn’t long before variants of the meme began appearing all over the internet.

Most memes have a shorter shelf life, but Sususs among Us has managed to maintain its popularity for several months now. Part of the reason for its longevity is that it’s easy to change and adapt the meme to fit any situation.

Whether you’re having a bad day or just want to make someone laugh, there’s a Sususs among Us meme for every occasion.

So why did this particular meme take off while others have faded into obscurity? That’s a question that may never be answered. But one thing is for sure Sususs among Us is here to stay.


We hope you enjoyed this article about Sususs among Us. Whether you believe Sus is real or just a meme, there’s no denying that he’s become an iconic part of the Among Us community.

Thanks for reading! Is Sus amond us real or a meme? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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